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Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Event Page: 21th International Conference in Collaboration with the 8th International Conference on Biological Science

The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology (JoBAZ)

Egyptian German Society of Zoology want to thank Msr el khier for sponsoring and paying for the expenses of the The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology (JoBAZ).

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Under the Patronage of
Prof. Ashraf El-Shihy
Minister of Higher Education
Prof. Abdel Hakim Abdel Khaliq
President of Tanta University
Prof. Ibrahim Salem
Vice President of Tanta University
Honorary Chairman
Prof. Tarek Fayed
Dean of Faculty of Science
Prof. Ebrahim Youness
Vice Dean, Post Graduate Studies and Researches
Prof. Mohamed A. Khalil
Head of Zoology Department
Prof. Alaa M. Abou-Zeid
Head of Botany Department
Prof. Fathy Abdel-Aty Abdel-Ghaffar
General Secretary of Egyptian German Society of Zoology
Prof. Mohamed H. Mona
President of ICBS
Prof. Khadiga Gaafar
President of EGSZ

The Egyptian German Society of Zoology (EGSZ) will hold its 21st International conference in Collaboration with 8th International Conference on Biological Science, on November 12-13, 2016 at Faculty Of Science, Tanta University,Egypt.

The aim of the congress is to convene scientists from various branches and discuss the latest improvements in the field of Zoology (Physiology, Genetics and Molecular biology, Parasitology and Invertebrates, Comparative anatomy and Emberyology and Entomology). The contents of the conference have been widened in an "interdisciplinary" manner, so as to allow all scientists working on several related subjects to participate and present their work.

The Organizing Committee also encourages companies and institutions to present their products and/or the related to the subject of the conference courses that they offer.

The conference proceedings is scheduled to be published under the series of "Elsevier Publisher" in the Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology (JOBAZ).

We are looking forward to meeting you at EGSZ conference 2016 and invite you to contribute by submitting your papers and posters.


Accommodation during the conference will be in Tanta University, guest house. Accommodations must be booked by completing the section in the registration form. Dead Time September lst, 2016.

Two Days Workshops:

Flowcytometry: 500 L.E
Center of Excellence for Cancer Research, Tanta University
Gene Cloning: 500 L.E
Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University


Registration and abstracts are to be sent electronically to Conference website: or through the Conference E-Mail: Fax: + 2040 3350804 (Dean Office), Mail address: Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta 31527, Egypt.

Prof. El-Sayed Taha
Tel.: +201227198648
Prof. Reda Gaafar
Tel.: +201062922133
Egyptian German Society of Zoology
Tel.: +2/01153972271

Registration fees:

Participants with paper1000 LE
Participants without paper400 LE

Participants with paper500 $
Participants without paper200 $


Cheques are to be made payable to "Dean of the Faculty of Science, Tanta University"

Payment can also be made in cash at the registration desk during the conference on November 12th, 2016.

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